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Myo-Kleber Products

     Myo-KleberŪ DURA-FLEX inguinal hernia support

An effective solution, comfort and relief without metal springs or leather pads. Supports entire abdominal muscle, helps to prevent hernia enlargement and postoperative hernia reoccurrence. Indicated for single or double inguinal hernias.

     More than 25 various molds are already in stock for immediate purchase. Custom-designed molds can take up to two weeks to be made.

     Myo-KleberŪ RELAX inguinal hernia support

     Myo-KleberŪ SUPER-COMFORT P4 scrotal hernia support

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     Myo-KleberŪ Lumbo-sacral back support

     Myo-KleberŪ Hernia briefs

Post-surgical abdominal hernia (before)

Post-surgical abdominal hernia (after)

     Myo-KleberŪ Abdominal Hernia Solutions


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